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The links below lead visitors to specific documents that will provide background information in support of our services: 
This page is currently under construction 
  • Forensic Canine Application in Abduction and No Body Homicide Investigations. 

  • Buried Homicide Victims – Applied Geoforensics in Search to Locate Strategies. 

  • Geomorphological and Geoforensic Interpretation of Maps, aerial imagery, conditions of digability and the color-coded RAG prioritization system in searches for criminal burials.
  • Comprehensive characterization of commercially available canine training aids. 

  • Interpretation of Victim Recovery Dog (VRD) Responses During Ground Searches for Homicide Graves and the Potential Influences of geology, Hydrogeology, peat Stratigraphy and Barometric Pressure fluctuations. 

  • Context, Conditioning, and Hippocampal Representation in Animal Learning.