GSS International

Global Support Services in GeoForensic and Specialist Search


In the past ten years, we have vastly improved the operational capability, and reputation of detection dogs. Through scientific research, ‘proof of concept’ supported program development, and continual assessment with verification, we have developed odour discrimination training and testing systems, together with operational deployment protocols, that improve mission impact through increased proficiency and effectiveness. 
The application of scientific principles of odour production, dispersal and capture have enabled us to develop methodology that provides accurate case representative training samples of target odour that are easily stored, available as single use and are disposable. Our understanding of scientific principles has enabled us to develop operational deployment systems and protocols that increase detection capability, therefore increasing mission impact. 
GSSi together with our partner expert scientific advisors are available for consultancy and advice for prospective clients that wish to improve canine detection proficiency, review current systems, develop new canine detection canine programs or conduct canine detection research. We may also provide canine and search related Expert Witness Testimony in support of other agencies, the judicial system and individuals. 
We operate to the scientifically supported principles of: 
• Laboratory based canine odour discrimination systems and protocols. 
• Independent from handler - canine search / screening. 
• Scientific ‘proof of concept training and testing design.’ 
• Mission effective search strategy.  
• Value for Money program management, through proficiency and mission effectiveness. 
• Ability to strategically operate within complex mission scenarios, in all contexts, and environments. 
• Correct interpretation of forensic canine related evidence and intelligence. 
• Unbiased reporting, and Expert Witness Testimony. 
These principles are not only applicable to human decomposition and human blood, but to the canine detection of ALL odour producing target substances.  
We are available to review current practices, proficiency, Value for Money principles, and report our findings together with advisory remedial action. This is achieved through the involvement of canine detection, scientific and business development experts. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual agency requirements.